ACT-CV - Machine Vision for Cognitive Modeling
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oNmhthreadsCross platform threading helpers
oNtestsTesting ACT-CV
oCActCvClientDistributed ACT-CV: client class
oCActCvObserverAbstract base class of observers of an ActCvSource
oCActCvObsSupportSupport for ActCvObserver
oCActCvServerTcp server for ACT-CV
oCActCvServerAutoStopKill the server at program exit
oCActCvSourceAnything that creates a symbolic representation of something
oCAlgOptionWhat algorithm shall be run on the frames?
oCAttendedLocObsShow the current attended location of ACT-Rs vision module
oCBGMatchersClass for running many matchers in many threads
oCBMFontInfoBitmap Font Info
oCCharAtPosHolds a char and its position on the screen
oCChiChi square distribution
oCClientErrorSimple exception class used by ActCvClient
oCColorObsColor matching
oCCorrCorrelation between two variables
oCDiffObsDiff to last frame
oCDMatrixMatrix of type double
oCExpGlaettExponential smoother
oCFileLineExceptionSimple exception class holding the current line and the file name
oCFisherZFisher's Z distribution
oCFocusObserverTell me where the agent looks
oCFocusObsSupportSupport for FocusObserver
oCFpsFrameObsCalculate the current frame rate
oCFpsOptionShow the current frame rate?
oCFrameLoopImplImplementation of the loop
oCFrameObsObserver for frames: abstract base class
oCFrameObsAutoGrayCreate a gray scale copy of the image if needed
oCFrameObsSupportSupport for FrameObs
oCFrameObsWindowShow the images in a named window
oCFrameSourceAbstract base class for any source of image sequences
oCGCPLessPredicate that redirects to the operator < of the references objects
oCGCPointerPointer to objects of class ReferenceCount that performs garbage collection
oCGCStringString for the use with GCPointer
oCGCWStringWide char version of GCString
oCHSVPixel in the HSV color model
oCImageCopyCreate a copy of an image (for output)
oCImageFrameSourceFrameSource that always returns the same (single) image
oCImageHolderExtend the GCPointer<_t> garbage collection to IplImage
oCJobSomething to do in the background thread
oCJVMJava virtual machine
oCKalmanFilterKalman filter for systems with constant velocity
oCLineUsed for data exchange
oCLineExceptionSimple exception class holding the line in the file
oCLineObsFind lines in the video frames
oCLinieStrait line with polar coordinates and end points
oCLogitLogit and expit transformations
oCMatchBaseBase class for matching
oCMatchContourFind a contour in the image
oCMatchContourObsContour matching
oCMatchImageSearch for something in a bigger image
oCMatchObsSubimage matching
oCMeanStatistical average
oCMeanMinMaxStatistical average, minimum, and maximum
oCMeanZeroStatistical average for more complicated stuff. Use Mean instead
oCMittelwertAverage of all values
oCObjectPositionHolds the result data
oCOFlowObsOptical flow (observer version)
oCOpenCVFrameSourceFrameSource that wraps OpenCVs CvCapture
oCOpticalFlowCalculate the optical flow for some points in the image
oCOptionAbstract superclass for a command line option
oCOptionsContainer for all options
oCPhiPhi distribution
oCPolLinieStrait line in polar coordinates
oCPosFixed length vector that is interpreted as position
oCPunktPoint (integer coordinates)
oCQtCaptureSourceScreen grabber based on Qt
oCQtFrameSourceFrameSource that uses QtWebKit
oCReferenceCountCount the number of references and delete the object if the number is zero
oCRegionInfoData holder for textual elements on the screen
oCRegrBivariate regression
oCResultDataThis helper class holds a single result
oCResultHolderThis class actually holds the results
oCResultSourceAbstract base class for anything that generates a result
oCRingBufRingbuffer for arbritrary types
oCRobotWrapper for java.awt.Robot
oCRobotFrameSourceFrameSource that uses java.awt.Robot to grab the screen
oCRundenZeitenClockTake a time using the ANSI C time() function
oCRundenZeitenTimeTake a time using the ANSI C time() function
oCServerErrorSimple exception class used by ActCvServer
oCServerOptionEnable the ActCvServer
oCSourceOptionChoose the source for the frames
oCSquareOperationHow to square something
oCSquareOperation< DMatrix< zeilen, 1 > >How to multiply a vector with itself
oCstatistics_exnException class for statistics errors
oCStillImageAlways return the same image
oCStoppUhrClockTake a time using the ANSI C clock() function
oCStoppUhrTimeTake a time using the ANSI C time() function
oCTestFrameSourceCreate random gray images
oCTestLineFrameSourceCreate black and white images with strong street lines
oCTestLineFSStaticErrCreate black and white images with street lines and strong distractors
oCTextObsText extraction
oCThreadSafePointerQueueCross platform thread safe queue for pointers
oCThreadSafeQueueCross platform thread safe queue
oCTrimmedMeanCompute a trimmed mean
oCVarMean and variance
oCVeraenderungDifference to the last one (first derivation)
\CWriterObsSimple video writer

ACT-CV - Machine Vision for Cognitive Modeling
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