ACT-CV - Machine Vision for Cognitive Modeling
Todo List
Member ActCvInit ()
error handling when there's already a thread running
Class ActCvServer
use Ice instead
Class BGMatchers
move to std::thread!
Class GCString

copy constructor

operator =

Member JVM::CreateJVM (const char *classpath)
use JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs to ensure that no more than one virtual machine is created per process!
Class LineException
subclass from std::runtime_error
Class LineObs

encapsulate the mutex and the result

only calc lines on demand?

Class MatchContour


doesn't really work!

Member OpticalFlow::PrintFlowField (IplImage *img)
enhance robustness
Member qt
ugly ugly pointer!
Member QtFrameSource::GetNextFrame ()
walk subframes
Member QtFrameSource::SetMousePos (int x, int y)
move somewhere where it makes more sense
Member RemoveRecognition (cv_algorithm a)
implement me
Member robot
use the Singleton pattern for the Robot
File tests.cpp
add more tests

ACT-CV - Machine Vision for Cognitive Modeling
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